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Interview with Michelle Kaminski about Transformational Yoga in the Febuary issue 2012 of 'Ayurveda Today', an Indian magazine dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

Transformational Integral Hatha Yoga

What is Transformational Yoga?

Transformational Yoga is based on the premise that every individual harbours in the core of their being the capacity to experience pure consciousness, characteristics of which are good health, emotional balance, mental and spiritual clarity. This integral system was developed by Swami Vidyanand in order to activate inner resources that allow the individual to live in a state of well-being and balance which lightens the pressures of contemporary living. Transformational Yoga is much more than just asana exercises. While hatha yogic postures are practiced to stretch and strengthen the physical body, pranayama breathing techniques, mantra chanting, and meditation are also an essential part of this complete yogic system. These techniques work simultaneously in order to purify and energize the chakras and balance the prana energies. As a result, the effects of Transformational Yoga practice are felt immediately and are carried over into your everyday life bringing equilibrium and serenity into the physical body, emotions, mind, and soul.

How is Transformational Yoga different from other types of yoga?

Most styles of yoga focus their efforts in one specific direction. For example, all types of Hatha yoga focus on the physical body and the vital as its instruments of perfection and realization, while Raja yoga concentrates on the mind or mental body. In a synthetic Yoga practice, such as Transformational Yoga, all powers are combined and included to bring about
By using pranayama breathing, concentration, surrender and mantra while holding a series of postures an effective purification and energization of the lower chakras takes place and the higher chakras are activated. Thus Transformational Yoga works at a deeper level to release the toxins that have been accumulated through a stressful lifestyle, emotional and mental frustration. By removing these blockages the stagnant energy can be circulated and rise up and transform our natures. While Asanas are the main instrument for purification of the physical body, Pranayama is used for purification of the Vital body. In addition, growth of awareness progresses through the use of positive vibrations generated by mantra chanting, which is fundamental in purifying the psyche body . Meditation techniques are used to transform the mental body improving awareness and the powers of observation. Therefore, Transformational Yoga succeeds in bringing all these powerful instruments together in an innovative and unique yogic system.

Michelle Kaminski, M.A. in Clinical Psychology

Transformational Yoga Master Level teacher

European Director of Yoga Alliance International



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